The Native Americans
believe that MotherEarth has a heartbeat and the beat of the drum represents the heartbeat of the Earth and its people. By playing the drum, the world and its people come into balance, beating to the rhythm of One Song.
During the session, the sound and vibration of the drums can be felt through songs and movement. Rainsticks are added to create a sense of tranquility and the session is concluded with a story around the "fire".  The beauty of this experience is that anyone can participate. There is no experience required.

How does drumming help children?

Drums and percussion instruments are socially interactive, expressive, sensory, cultural and offer a unique aesthetic experience.

Participating in drumming experiences can help a child work on skills such as turn-taking and sharing, as well as help them feel they are part of a group, working towards a common goal.

Fine and Gross motor skills can be enhanced through playing a drum or using a shaker to the beat of a drum. 

Children have the opportunity to work on their cognitive needs through developing their attention, impulse-control and decision making skills.


Founder of
One Song Drumming
Katrina has a passion for Native American drums and the joy they bring to others. One Song Drumming has been created to increase awareness of the Native American culture and how their drums have been used to bring about balance from within.  

Katrina was a Pre-School Assistant for 17 years and and has a Certificate lll in Children's Services.  Her experience with children shows in her ability to relate to children at their level. Katrina is also a Reiki and Seichim Master.