Our kindergarten was very fortunate to recently experience Katrina's Native American Drumming session.  The program was well suited to the skills of the kindergarten children, and it was evident that Katrina's passion and experience of working with this age group contributed to it's success.  The children were provided with an opportunity to learn about the history and significance of the world (Mother Earth) to the Native American people through a combination of story telling, movement & musical instruments (a real highlight for the children was the opportunity to play with the beautifully handmade drums, shakers and clapping sticks).  This session embraced the preferred learning styles of all children, making it to be a wonderfully positive and interactive experience for our children.  Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.
Erin Shute
Kindergarten Teacher | Beaconsfield

Katrina provided an excellent cross-cultural experience.  The children were thoroughly engaged as they played music on the drums, listened to stories and performed dances around the camp fire.  It was exciting, uplifting and fun!  I would not hesitate in recommending this performance.
Debra Jennings
Teacher | Bonbeach Primary School

One Song Drumming was such an enjoyable experience for both the children and educators at our preschool. Katrina's session is well planned out, includes interesting educational cultural information and uses authentic aesthetic probs. The mix of hands on and visual teaching tools keeps the children focused and engaged the whole time! A great incursion I would highly recommend.
Ebony-Jane Carroll
Kindergarten Teacher   Wartirna South